Welcome to Oculus VisionTech Inc.

The World Leader in Forensic Video Watermarking.

Oculus VisionTech Inc. (OVT) has developed and implemented patented faster-than-real-time invisible forensic video watermarking technology used by some of the biggest names in the media industry.

Invisible Forensic Video Watermarking

OVT's premiere products, MediaEscort™ (offline physical video file watermarking) and MediaEscort™ Streaming Edition (online real-time video watermarking distribution system) are industry first, IP-centric, real-time online watermarking solutions, with their own administrative infrastructure which can be fully integrated into customer's video servers. They automatically and seamlessly embed SmartMarks™ (imperceptable forensic information into every-single frame of video content) during pre-distribution/Internet delivery, providing the proof courts need to protect intellectual property rights, indicting and convicting the individuals who steal the original material.

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    We’ve had experience using SmartMarks™ (imperceptible forensic watermarking technology) to assert our rights with good result. We have renegotiated and expanded our original contract, and look forward to incorporating new deployments within a number of our divisions, including international.

    - Heather Field, Executive Director Information Technologies, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC (FOX)